Our company’s strength is practical technology. In other words, “combining technology.” This age will continue to see labor shortages, and the demand for advanced factory technology for roles that humans are unable to fulfill is likely to increase.
Therefore, combining technology and precision surface finishing technology will become increasingly indispensable.
We are currently in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution where almost anything can now be connected to the internet through AI or the IoT, etc. — a world connected by a variety of technologies.
For this very reason, our company’s “Connected Engineering,” the combination of all technologies, will be the driving force of Japan in the future.
…That is what I believe, and that is what I will continue to strive towards.


Shinya Amano
Japan Support System Ltd.
President and Representative Director

Joined Keyence Corporation
First person in charge of team directly under president (2002)
Founded FA Navi
FA Products Co., Ltd. Chairman of board of directors
Robotcom Corp. President
and representative director
Aug. 2018:
President and representative director


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