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  • Design

    We offer design of optimal forms based on your needs. From the ...

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  • Processing

    We provide stable processing technology at our five production ...

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  • Manufacturing

    We manufacture with attention to wiring, piping, and all detail...

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  • Robot

    Our company is an expert in support for the adoption of robotic...

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  • Image processing

    Image processing laboratory. We operate what is known as the Ga...

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  • Simulation

    Through digital manufacturing, we support optimal line construc...

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  • Modularization

    Currently, the manufacturing industrys burden on production eng...

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  • Maintenance Field

    Support for all types of plant equipment, from maintenance and ...

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Trading Result:Over 400 companies, Manufacturing Result: over 10,000 units, One of the premier robot system integrators in Kanto

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