Corporate Philosophy

This is our promise to everybody who does business with JAPAN SUPPORT SYSTEM.
We will continue to progress in advancing our mission, as outlined below.

Through offering the latest technology,
the best service and the most advanced connected engineering,
we will contribute to making factory automation more open and global through creating a new de-facto standard (platform).

This in turn will improve the lives of all the people around the world.

In order to realize this mission,
we work specifically to realize the following.

As a company specializing on systems integrators, we ensure an integrated production system (including design, parts processing and manufacturing)

To create a new way of being as a system integrator, we have adopted BellFace and digital marketing techniques to improve our sales process.

Through leveraging both our integrated production system and the power of our team, offering the optimal “connected engineering” solutions to our customers.

Through presenting the technology we specialize in to a wide variety of customers, aiming to evolve into a proposal-based company.