Trading Result: Over 400 companies Manufacturing Result: Over 10,000 units One of the premier robot system integrators in Kanto region

We are a factory innovator that provides comprehensive guidance for all stages from design, manufacturing, to post-delivery support and proposes optimal combinations of manufacturing and digital technologies.

Please leave
your production
lines to JSS

Drawing on our strengths of an integrated production system, a 40-person design team, and a track record of over 200 units per year, we perform overall optimization with a 150-person system integrator. Please feel free to contact us.

  1. Processing
  2. Assembly
  3. Inspection
  4. Shipping

Overall optimization
List of services

  • Design

    We offer design of "optimal forms" based on your needs. From th...

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  • Processing

    We provide stable processing technology at our five production ...

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  • Manufacturing

    We manufacture with attention to wiring, piping, and all detail...

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  • Robot

    Our company is an expert in support for the adoption of robotic...

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  • Image processing

    Image processing laboratory. We operate what is known as the Ga...

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  • Simulation

    Through digital manufacturing, we support optimal line construc...

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4 Strengths

  • High-quality Manufacturing Technologies

    Integrated production system/Delivery of over 200 devices and tools per year, with cumulative delivery exceeding 10,000/Over 400 trade partners

  • Digital Production Technologies

    Consultation on process and plant simulation

  • Roughly 150 SIers

    40 engineers that clearly outperform competitors/Experience to handle multiple projects in parallel

  • Organizational Abilities of Group Companies

    The[[[[Team Cross FA]]]] group of engineers across 6 companies/Comprehensive resolution of issues from the upstream to the downstream of production lines

Please leave automation, labor-saving, and productivity enhancement to us

(+81)29-840-2777 Business Hours : Weekdays 9:00-18:00

Quality Policy

We provide “highly functional products that are durable,
easy to use, safe, and inexpensive and even better services”

that satisfy our customers by carrying out excellent corporate activities.

  • Customer Perspective

    We sincerely lend an ear to our customers’
    opinions and fulfill their demands

  • Participation of All Employees

    We encourage all employees to challenge themselves to come up
    with creative innovations and we work together as a team

  • Continuous Improvement

    We continuously improve our business
    processes, products, and services

  • Vision

    “The No.1 Factory Innovator”in the World!

    The No. 1 factory innovator in the world
    Achieving “jiritsu” (self-reliance) of manufacturing factories

  • Mission

    Fun to Challenge to “The Future of Making”

    We take on the challenge of the “future of manufacturing” and
    “smiles, emotions, and technology” with people around the world!

Please leave automation, labor-saving, and productivity enhancement to us

(+81)29-840-2777 Business Hours : WeekDays 9:00-18:00

Corporate Information

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Our promise to everybody involved in Japan Support System. We share the mission that we continue to advance toward as a company.

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  • Representative Message

    Our President Amano shares the direction that Japan Support System must advance toward and our ideal future state

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  • Corporate Overview

    We share the corporate overview of Japan Support System, which has overseas locations and strives to grow further.

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Location Information

  • Headquarters

    4666-1777 Amihara, Amiaza, Ami, Inashiki, Ibaraki
    Phone: (+81)29-840-2777

  • Sagamihara Office

    SIC3-317 1880-2 Kamimizo, Chuo, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
    Phone: (+81)42-786-1552

  • Sumiyoshi Factory

    2-14-2 Sumiyoshi, Ami, Inashiki, Ibaraki

  • Miho Factory

    1899-1 Fusa, Miho, Inashiki, Ibaraki1

  • Thai Office

    1108/42 Sukhumvit Plus Road,
    Klong Toey, Phrakhanong,Bangkok 10110Thailand

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