TRACK RECORD Case details

Manufacturing example of heat welding machine


Delivery destination

Office automation equipment industry



Equipment movement

  • (1) Set the target product into the cradle
  • (2) Push the "Start" button with both hands to lower the press
  • (3) Begin welding at the set time
  • (4) After completion, the press rises; remove the welded product


Increased work efficiency, improved productivity

Technology used

Improvement of productivity

Achieved ability to pick up 4 items, as opposed to only 1 by human hands

Easy operation

Complete simply by pushing and holding the "Start" switch

Safety aspects

Designed so that processing is not performed all the way down unless the "Start" switch is pressed and held The risk of a hand being caught is eliminated by having the press lift when the button is released.

Cooling of equipment

As the inside of the equipment becomes hot, blow out hot air using a cooling fan. Otherwise, the cover will deform. Designed so that cooling fan air does not blow on people.

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