Creating a new form of manufacturing,
together with you.

The manufacturing industry is the supporting foundation of Japan’s GDP. With the source of its competitiveness rooted in manufacturing technology and production technology, the industry remains world-class. However, the days in which it was sufficient to hold technological superiority in specific fields such as machinery or electricity are coming to an end.

The age is arriving in which making Industry 4.0 and smart factories a reality will require the provision of horizontal solutions that optimally combine the latest technologies with the best services – that is, connected engineering – in multiple fields such as machinery design, control design, and information system design. To create this new framework, Nippon Support System is focusing its efforts on the manufacture of FA equipment and solutions for automation and labor saving, particularly in robotics systems.

The company’s management team was renewed in 2018, and the company has added more powerful solutions to its technological capabilities. Stated simply, this is a fusion of craftsmanship with IoT.
The time has come to break through the stereotypes and take on new challenges.

The human resources that the company is seeking are individuals who can act with a love of manufacturing and a constant mindset of asking how to make things possible. For those with that ambition, particular educational background and experience are not required. Won’t you try testing your thoughts and skills as a member of the team, taking on the challenge of a new type of manufacturing?

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