TRACK RECORD Case details

Thermal evaluation test equipment

Delivery destination

Electronic equipment industry



Equipment movement

  • (1) Set the product to be evaluated in the basket in the equipment
  • (2) Enter the conditions in the touch panel
  • (3) Press the “Start” button for automatic operation
  • (4) Evaluate cooling high temperatures, moving to the left and right according to conditions
  • (5) Operate with liquid drip time taken into consideration


Mechanization/instrumentation of items for which equipment evaluation had been performed manually. By doing so, (1) achieve reduction in labor, and (2) reduce risk to people as oil is used

Technology used


Ducting is performed, as evaporated steam filling the factory is not ideal in terms of sanitation. Consideration of sanitation aspects.

Full automation

Complete all processes with one button; after that, just perform removal

Thermal sensing with sensors

This enables stable evaluation

Safe design

Design to prevent contamination through installation of a bottle to collect dripping under liquid leaks.

Easy operation

Operation status can be checked and simple operations can be performed using the touch panel.

Temperature adjustment

To equalize the temperature, the tank interior is agitated with a motor

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