TRACK RECORD Case details

Industrial inkjet printer head assembly


Delivery destination

Office automation equipment industry


Reduction in labor

Equipment movement

  • (1) Set the target product on the cradle
  • (2) Press the "Start" button
  • (3) Apply adhesive to the target product
  • (4) Assemble the components
  • (5) Retract and apply UV irradiation
  • (6) Take out the product after it returns to its original position


Using XYZ, adhesive is automatically applied. Doing so achieves stability in the application position and application amount, and reduction in labor.

Technology used

XYZ robot

Any application position can be specified. PLC control is performed.

Adhesive application system

Achieves fixed-quantity application. UV and adhesive application are possible with one equipment item.

UV irradiation shutter

Viewing with the eye poses the risk of blindness. A shutter is set to prevent UV from leaking outside.

Cleaning before applying adhesive

If cleaning is not performed, adhesive may clog the tip of the needle. For this reason, application is always performed after cleaning, to achieve fixed-quantity application.

Attachment of the area center

Designed to stop when a person enters the retracted position, for safety.

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